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6 reasons that make Orccha Palace Hotel a Dream Wedding Destination

It’s a Photographer’s Delight

The historical ruins of the ancient city of Orchha make for the perfect backdrop for some beautiful pure and post-wedding shoots. No couple-to-be would miss the opportunity to be photographed against the historic backdrops that Orchha Palace Hotel & Convention Centre provides within the confines of the exceptionally large property. While everyone else in the family gets busy with the celebrations at the big 12-acre property, the bride and groom can steal a few moments to mark their romance in the resort’s cosy corners and the historic ruins in the city of Orchha.

Scenic Beauty

Special celebrations like a big fat Indian wedding need a unique setup, which Orchha Palace Hotel & Convention Centre offers, given its proximity to pristine landmarks and the beautiful Betwa river. Some of the pre-designed areas at the property are the perfect set-up for families to get together and enjoy the wedding stress-free. A destination like Orchha offers complete peace of mind – party as long as you want, without the worry of having to go home after a night of merry-making with family and friends. A quiet destination property as the Orchha Palace Hotel & Convention Centre lets you and your family let their hair down and provide a much-needed break for all from the buzz of big cities. Even for your guests, there are enough activities around to indulge in.

Wedding Specialists

When it comes to weddings, every detail matters. From where the pheras will be, to the bride and groom’s photo corner – the grand venue that Orchha Palace & Convention Centre is, every whim of the bride and groom, every requirement of the family is taken care of. Our wedding specialists will take you through every nook and cranny of the space, give you ample ideas and themes to choose from, keep your budget and other requirements in mind, and plan your big day meticulously and execute them as smoothly as possible. Within the hotel too, with a 100 comfortable rooms to offer to the guests, one can choose the size of the convention hall depending on the size of the wedding party, banquet halls like Samrat Hall and Bundela Darbar have a capacity of 250, up to 700 guests. The plush green lawns – Jeja Bagh, Indramani Bagh and Rudra Bagh offer the space and landscape a grand event like yours needs. It’s up to you, really to let our wedding specialists know your needs and then choose from the banquets or the unparalleled green cover for your big day.

Themes Galore

Destination weddings translate into transferring the stress of arrangements and perfection from your shoulders to someone else’s. This is where our set of wedding specialists step in. With every area of the property holding the potential to maximize what you can get out of it – from unique photo-ops, perfect use of space, pre-built amphitheatre area for pheras, pool side for a rocking pre-wedding cocktail party, and more – any theme you may have in mind can be brought to life by our wedding experts. If history is what you’re going after, Jeja Bagh has a pre- built historic set-up. Not only does it save you time and money to build up a new one, the set-up as is allows for various decor combinations to give every wedding a unique flavour. For any other theme and decor ideas, the hotel events team is always at your service to plan each ceremony meticulously.

Jeja Bagh (measuring 15,000 sq.ft.)

Rudra Bagh (measuring 34,500 sq.ft.)


Indramani Bagh (measuring 1,40,000 sq.ft.)


Celebrations On The Lawns

Three banquet halls and sprawling lawn areas ranging from 10,000 sq.ft up to 1,49,000 sq.ft. will ensure there’s no dearth of space if grandeur is what you’re loo ing at. It’s your wedding after all, and if the event has to be bigger than a State dinner, so be it. Every big fat Indian wedding taking place at Orchha Palace & Convention Centre can easily be the event of the century for everyone there. Our trademark hospitality and customized wedding planning just goes that extra bit to ensure everything goes smoothly on your big day. Every guest will find something to meet their needs – families can relax in the pool while the kids explore the large play area; spa, gym and a sun deck for privacy; or even take up half-day tours organized by the hotel upon request to take them around the historic city. The two multi-cuisine restaurants are there to cater to Indian and international palettes to perfection. One of our two Presidential Suites is best reserved for the bride, who, in the midst of the extravaganza, also needs her space to relax before her big day.

Keeps Simplicity Intact Too

Yes, it’s perfect to host the big shebang, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty a simple wedding with a potentially smaller and more intimate gathering holds. Keeping individual requirements and aesthetic in mind, Orchha Palace & Convention Centre can also personalise and transform any part of the property into a cozy setup where closest friends and family get together to celebrate your big event. Sweet memories, after all, are made of these big milestone events in your life. If you need them to be private, even then, your wish is our command!