5 Reasons why Orchha in Madhya Pradesh must be on your travel bucket list.

Easy Access

The first thing one considers while planning a getaway is the accessibility of the destination in question. Full marks to Orchha in that department, ‘coz it’s more accessible than you’d have thought. With Gwalior airport being just 131 km away and Khajuraho airport 155 km away, even a getaway with kids is easy to plan. Alternately, the closest railway station, Jhansi city, which is just 16 km away from the resort properties. For the local commute, Orchha is well- connected via taxi or bus within the small town, as well as getting to neighbouring cities like Jhansi, Gwalior, Datia, Babina and Khajuraho is easy peasy.


It’s Full of History

Orchha is the perfect destination to explore ancient history. It may not itself be reminiscent of the times gone, but is located by the banks of the River Betwa, it comes with the privilege of more history to explore around than you can fit in a day. Packed with ruins of temples, forts and the grandeur that historic architecture is associated with, this charming city in the heart of Madhya Pradesh is perfect for those exploring the history of the 17th Century Mughal kings and queens. Jehangir Mahal, Raja Mahal, Chatteris, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Ram Raja temple, Chatrabhuj temple – all have a story to tell. Stories that will not only make you travel back in time but also keep one engrossed for hours at a stretch, leaving you with a longing for more.

A Photographer’s Dream Destination

Where there’s history, there’s enough chance to become selfie kings and queens. Don’t miss the photo op at each of the historic places. The beautiful vantage views, mind-boggling architecture, decorative mural paintings, connected corridors, mythological themes carvings on the walls and ceilings will make you run out of storage space before you run out of photo ops. The unique temple architectures – which blend of temple and fort style of building – will leave one in awe of the skill set that existed much before civilised construction techniques came into existence.

Nature at its Best

A 25-kilometer long trail houses many species of birds and animals, some endangered ones too. This not just adds to the perfect photography moments that you might get, it’s a heaven for birdwatchers. The natural reserve makes for the perfect day out for nature enthusiasts. For the more ambitious ones, there are options of signing up for wildlife safaris in the dense jungles along Betwa river. Over 200 species of birds, animals and a vast variety of fauna is likely to keep you talking about Orchha for many years to come. Ask the staff at Orchha Palace for recommendations and the well-versed staff will share their tips and tricks that are sure to come in handy.

Adventure Galore!

From the scenic beauty on offer, Orchha offers adventure lovers a bit of adrenaline too. River rafting, kayaking and boating provide a streak of adventure to your holiday, and indulgent enough to give those muscles something to think about. These fun activities in the rapids make give sightseeing a new perspective. Watching the Orchha Natural Reserve and the historic monuments all the while struggling to keep afloat does add to the list of things that’s likely to make a trip like this memorable.

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